17 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

sadece dinle..

"If I have the chance to find out what David Bowie was thinking when he came up with this or that, I’m absolutely interested. But it’s also nice to be immersed in just the song without worrying what it’s about. That curiosity can backfire. The funniest time for me was when I found out what the Melvins’ song “Boris” was really about. It’s from Bullhead, which is a very innovative and phenomenal record. I remember listening to the lyrics and being like, This is the purest, most meaningful and heaviest shit I’ve heard in a long time. Later on, after I befriended [Melvins guitarist/singer] Buzz [Osborne], I said, “That song ‘Boris’ really means a lot to me.” And he says, “Oh, that song’s about my cat.” [laughs] So it’s good to not get too analytical about this stuff. "

- Adam Jones, 2009

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